Antiwar Protest Interview

Speaking to Reporters at the November 2007 Olympia Port Protests
Olympia, Washington
November 2007
Photo by Kay Schultz

Here I am talking to news reporters about the way police attacked peaceful protesters with chemical weapons, and also the anti-war/anti-imperialism civil resistance movement's need for legal support.


  1. Did your comments get aired? I hope so. It's so difficult to hear about -- let alone see -- things like that.

  2. Honestly - I was so stressed out at the time, I didn't even check to see if the news station aired my comments. There was coverage- quite a bit of it. The protests at the Port of Olympia are notorious in the region - and there was quite a bit of national and international coverage as well...

    It was a painful experience for all - very much including the local police officers. I think they may have been hurt by it more, in some ways, than some of the protesters who were subjected to the brutality.


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