The war is illegal; it's about oil.

The war is illegal. It is illegal because it is an aggressive military action, and aggressive military actions are illegal, period. Members of the Bush Administration lied - numerous false statements have repeatedly been made - in order to justify an invasion that was based on the notion of "preemptive strike" (Center for Public Integrity War Card Report). They claimed a specific threat from Iraq to the security of the USA. But the reality was that Iraq did not pose an imminent or specific threat to the USA. Iraq certainly did not pose a threat that would have justified military intervention.

Essentially, the use of the phrase "preemptive strike" does not alter the fact that the invasion - the "strike" - was an aggressive maneuver. "The facts were being fixed to meet the policy" - so famously said the director of British Intelligence, Sir Richard Dearlove, in a memo (The Downing Street Memos) to the office of Tony blair, the Prime Minister of the UK.

So, the war is illegal. It was an attack. It was motivated not by desire for true security; it was motivated by desire for "global dominance." "Global Domination" is a Project for a New American Century key phrase for imperialism. There is a desire to project the power of the USA over a broad spectrum of economic and military channels. But American Empire cannot flourish without petroleum. Reliable access to consistent flows of crude oil are necessary to support the economic functions of the American Empire. Hence, the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Over one million Iraqis are said to have died as a result of the "war." The war is illegal; it's about oil.

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