PMR Saturday Rally

[edited 11/20/07:]

Here's a video that shows some of the action from Saturday's PMR Support Rally and March. Word has it that some 400+ supporters attended Saturday's event.

I support and work with PMR because I care about the lives of our military personnel and the lives of the Iraqi people. People are suffering - and it's without justification. The occupation contravenes legal statutes.

I was heartened to see the community response and support of PMR. I have had enough of my government participating in illegal and immoral military actions. When it comes to the use of my public port to enable an illegal military action the choice is clear to me - it is not even a choice - it is my duty and responsibility to, nonviolently, constructively and creatively, oppose the enabling of an illegal/immoral military action.

Check out a video from Saturday:

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  1. Thanks for posting the video. What a wonderful response from the community. So good that everyone assembled after the protests---the stream of marchers with their signs was terrific!


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