I Want this War of Aggression to Stop!

I support our troops by calling for the immediate commencement of a safe and responsible withdrawal from Iraq. The US doesn't belong in Iraq.

The justifications for invasion have been shown to have been lies and falsifications.
The justification for the ongoing occupation is mired in obfuscation and the unacceptable Bush Administration aspiration to militarily and economically dominate the globe. (I know it sounds insidious and ridiculous, but there is ample evidence in the public realm to support and confirm this conclusion.)

As such, the invasion was illegal. The ongoing war of occupation is also illegal.

The war is also immoral. But more importantly, the war is hurting people. It is hurting people unnecessarily.

pmr november 200728I want the war to stop. I want to protect people from unnecessary harm being done to them. I want to protect not only our troops, but the Iraqi people as well, from this unjustified, improper, unnecessary military action.

TJ JohnsonThank you to TJ Johnson [City Council Member, edit 11/28/07] for standing up for the true benefit of people in Olympia and elsewhere.

PMR's attempt to prohibit the military use of the Port of Olympia was an attempt to protect and support our soldiers, and to protect the Iraqi people from further death and destruction associated with this ill-advised war of aggression.

The Olympia Police Department and the Port of Olympia have enabled an illegal and immoral military war of aggression.

On the LineBut PMR will be successful in the long run. The strength of truth and positive intention will prevail. Really, it already has.

But what PMR could benefit from most is your support - so that the next time that the municipal Port of Olympia is used to enable an immoral and illegal war of aggression and occupation, we can, as a people, effectively prohibit the military cargoes.

Support our troops, bring them home!

Protect the Iraqi people, commence the safe and responsible, complete, withdrawal of the US Military from Iraq - immediately!

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Aldo Leopold: "We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."

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