Care is "Dull" at the Bohemian Grove: Global Dominance, Economic Exploitation, and Social Violence

I left the following comment on The I believe that the problems of social violence, economic exploitation, and environmental degradation are connected with policies like global dominance, which is a political concept espoused by many of the most powerful men in the world, some of whom meet at the Bohemian Grove (near Monte Rio, CA), for a Summer Encampment - where they celebrate the "Cremation of Care." Here's a link to a story about the case of Lindsey Baum. Lindsey is a missing child, who disappeared more than four months ago. I believe the problem of missing children is interrelated with other problems of society. Link to the story with my comment: After four months, authorities have little evidence in Lindsey Baum case

And here's the comment I made:
I am of the opinion that the problem of missing children is directly related to the societal ethics of putting profit before people. Lindsey Baum went missing about a month before the annual Bohemian Grove Summer Encampment. At the encampment, some of the world's most powerful businessmen and political decision makers partake in a ceremony called The Cremation of Care, which involves the ritual cremation of "Dull Care" - the effigy of a sacrificed child. I believe this attitude - that care is dull - on the part of the world's most powerful men is directly related to societal violence, and domestic abuses, including but certainly not limited to child disappearances and abductions.

[more information:] Missing Children, Global Dominance, The Bohemian Grove, and The Cremation of Care
Entrance to Bohemian Grove

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