Mayor Rocky Anderson

This conversation recently came up on my flickr account, so I want to share it here. You can probably tell that I sometimes enjoy a little argument, a little bit anyway:

Rocky Anderson

Rocky Anderson
Mayor of Salt Lake City Utah, Accountability Advocate and Powerful Orator

See Video of this Speech: Mayor Rocky Anderson on the Impeachment of President George W. Bush

More information here.

Archived testimony from the day's anti-escalation and impeachment hearings is available by clicking this link.

And, here is a link to a diary on the Daily Kos by Mayor Rocky about his speeches and testimony. Check it out!


Spoiler_3 says:

^Berd says:
why do you say that?

Spoiler_3 says:
Because he is an embarassment to the state, No sitting Mayor should EVER protest against the President of the United states. Maybe on his time, but not on the States time. Thats my money he was wasteing by doing that. Just what Utah needs is another black eye. Does he think that by doing that he is speaking for me as a Utahan? He better not. The man is just another Dumbacrat. and what he was doing wasn't helping Utah it was hurting us. Maybe he could star in Michael Moore's next movie. The man is a LOSER!!!!!!

^Berd says:
I totally disagree with you Spoiler. And I think your comments are unnecessarily rude and insulting - in fact - your meanness detracts from your argument. But that's another story.

Rocky Anderson is a good reason to move to Salt Lake. As an elected leader, Mayor Anderson used the position in office to advocate for accountability on what is likely the most grave issue pressing humankind.

The President of the United States was rightly and reasonably accused of making false statements for the purpose of wrongfully driving the nation to war. This is a crime that has no parallel. This is the worst crime that can be committed.

Mayors everywhere would do well by all Americans, and all people everywhere, to use their positions to speak against the virtually insurmountable wrongs of the Bush Administration (what have we: vainglorious and unprecedented use of signing statements, wrongfully representing threat to national security by a foreign nation in order to justify war, torture, et al.).

Spoiler - Don't you care that our country was wrongfully driven to war? Hundreds of thousands of people have died? Iraq never attacked us. Iraq never posed a threat of attack. - That's the truth. Don't you care about all those people have died? And people are continuing to die.

One of my most profound measures of disappointment with the new Obama Administration is its utter lack of ambition for holding the previous administration accountable, and also the lack of drive for an expedient and just end to the military occupation.

What we need is to get US military forces out of foreign nations. What we need is to get rid of the foreign policy of dominance and conquest. Imperialism is killing more than people, it's killing the USA.

^Berd says:

I also see that Mayor Rocky Anderson has been in the news recently:

Rocky Anderson joins chorus calling for torture investigation
» A letter co-signed by Nader urges Holder to look into Bush administration.

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 07/29/2009 07:20:56 PM MDT

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson on Wednesday joined Ralph Nader and 14 other political activists and artists in calling for an investigation into alleged Bush administration crimes.

Anderson's nonprofit High Road for Human Rights Education Project is asking U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate alleged torture, unconstitutional detention and other human-rights and civil-liberties violations by administration officials and cohorts.

"Investigating and, if appropriate, prosecuting perpetrators of these serious crimes," Anderson said in a statement, "is a crucial step to preventing the recurrence of this dark, demoralizing chapter in our nation's history, which has done so much to damage our national security and reputation abroad."

The letter, dated Wednesday, says an independent review is important for the nation's constitutional and judicial integrity.

"No less than the rule of law is at stake," it claims. "Your decisions in this regard will be of historic importance."

Others signatories include rock singer Graham Nash, author and political consultant Naomi Wolf, TV actress Mimi Kennedy and Utah author and naturalist Terry Tempest Williams.

Brandon Loomis
link to photo on flickr

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