Will Hall and Dawn Menken Talk About Bullying

the problem of bullying in our culture - a talk with madness radio host Will Hall and Doctor Dawn Menken
Source: www.madnessradio.net
What are the lasting impacts of taunting, teasing, and physical harassment between children? Why are kids who are different singled out and picked on? What can parents do if their children are victims of bullies? Psychotherapist, parent, and process worker Dawn Menken, author of Speak Out! Talking About Love, Sex & Eternity, discusses her work with public schools and families to break the cycle of bullying.

mp3 source: http://www.madnessradio.net/audio/download/143/MadnessRadio-2009-06-02SchoolBullyingDawnMenken.mp3

Source: www.madnessradio.net

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