Ambiguous Utopia / Socio-cultural Transformation, Evolution

[update Tuesday 27 July 2010: I just want to chime in here, that while I love much of this song, the lyrics of which really resonate with me, I have lately been questioning the first paragraph more and more. I think it is possible for the mind to control love, in the sense of compassion and empathy with the suffering of others. Anyway, those are my rough thoughts on this. Peace, Berd]

Ambiguous Utopia is a song, the lyrics of which are adapted from a speech by the main character in the novel, The Dispossessed, by the legendary author Ursula K. LeGuin. The melody is by Mark Gunnery, (of, if I remember correctly, Port Townsend, Washington.)

I have been singing with the Olympia Free Choir, and this song was recently introduced to the song list. It's a great one. Come to Free Choir practice! Tuesdays 5-7pm in downtown Olympia, either at the Sylvester Park Gazebo, or northern (all ages venue, 312 East Fourth Avenue.) More information about Free Choir:
Ambiguous Utopia

ambiguous utopia
the fools

it's our suffering that brings us together
it is not our love, love don't obey the mind
and it turns to hate when you force it
the ties that bind us are beyond our choice

the hand that you reach out is empty
the hand that i give you is empty too
i don't expect a hand to help unless i reach one out to you
all that you have is all that you are
all that you have is all that you give
we don't own anything and we're free

we have no states and no presidents
no bosses bankers landlords or war
no charity no police and no soldiers
and we don't have, very much

we come to the future with empty hands
naked as a child comes to this earth
you can't take what you haven't given
and what you give is yourself

you can't make the revolution
you can't buy the revolution
you can't be the revolution
it's in you or its nowhere


I have been thinking about the concept of revolution. And to be quite frank, there are some aspects of revolution that are really bothersome for me. Inherent in the concept of revolution is a divisive clash between winners and losers. What if it's possible to have a world without losers.

What if, instead of pushing for a destination where there are winners and losers, it is possible to orient our socio-cultural compass(es) toward a world without losers - a world where we are all winners. Just imagine, an inclusive, open, honest, warm, accepting and tolerant society, where everyone can contribute to the best of their abilities, and where everyone can belong.

So, while I support many revolutionary ideas, I like the exercise of comparing socio-cultural evolution : versus socio-cultural revolution! evolution v. revolution

True and foundational transformation is possible: instead of just revolving around the same cycles of patterned abuse and intolerance. True transformation, deep and lasting socio-cultural evolution is possible. Meeting each other as the sufficient and wonderful human beings that we all are, the development of a new kind of respect for all existence is possible. Another world is possible. We are all special, unique, and sufficient. Be Well. Be Peace. Be the Evolution.

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Aldo Leopold: "We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."

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