Interaction on Flickr: Speaking the Truth about Empire and Conquest

I often engage others in political discussion on the Internet. Flickr is a frequent locale for such discussion. The open format there, and focus on photographs, gives a really topical format which lends itself to discussion. Here's an example of a recent interaction:

Here's how to deal with Iran and N. Korea
Here's how to deal with Iran and N. Korea by Wayne in Indy.

America airpower can, alone, deliver massive devastation on military, government, and economic targets inside these nations with virtual impunity.


scarley says:

this is a really beautiful shot.

^Berd says:

Looks like something out of star wars - the evil empire strikes back.

Wayne in Indy says:

Thank you. Your definition of America as an "evil empire" illustrates with perfect clarity the stark contrast between how liberals and conservatives see America.

scarley says:

Scarlett is ashamed of people like ^Berd. Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU!!! These guys keep you SAFE! These guys are the product of freedom. They are the product of freedom to explore technology and science. Freedom to create! These wouldn't be if it were not for our freedom. And in this day in age, were it not for these, our freedom would be overrun.

Wayne in Indy says:

You're wasting your breath, Scar. He's commented on other of my photos. In Berd's view, America is the "evil" in the world. And he equates the idea of "America First" with "hatred". Get this: When I related my world-view to him, he bagan to ask me if I'd had a traumatic-type childhood!
It's the liberal mindset, Scar. If some Tyrone-from-the-ghetto type [check on the racism -berd] attacked and assaulted my wife, I'd happily blow the guy away without a second thought. If the same happened to Berd's wife, however, he'd likely try to "understand" what might have motivated the animal in question to perpetrate such a misdeed. Berd would likely conclude that the real criminal was George Bush because he didn't shovel more money into the ghettos which, in turn, caused the poor man to "strike out" at society.
Don't laugh. This is how these people think.

scarley says:

Oh I don't think it's funny at all. I think it's pitiful and shameful.

^Berd says:

Freedom to create—weapons of mass destruction. What an irony.

These machines are used as tools of empire and conquest. That's not creative. That's destructive. These machines are used to wage war and instill fear in those whom are opposed to the military and economic juggernaut of the USA.

The USA has so much potential to be a truly uplifting and constructive force in the world. But the current situation, the status quo is of tremendous harm. The current economic reality is one of planetary environmental and social degradation.

The USA is on the road to empire. The USA is on the road to ruin.

To save our republic - Stop our empire!

All human beings deserve to be treated equally and fairly.

Oppression, in all of its forms, must be challenged, opposed and eradicated. Another world is possible. A world where human beings belong to a universal fellowship of love, respect and tolerance of personal differences... Another world is possible. A world where cooperation—not conquest—is the principle. A world where people everywhere share, and hold in trust for all, the limited resources afforded by this wonderful planet.


  1. Hi Berd
    Speaking of "oppression in all its forms"...
    You spend a lot more time researching the issues than I do, can you suggest some web sites or books that describe the domination of women in Islamic cutlures? These may or may not also describe the oppression of homosexuals.


  2. No, but I can speak to the oppression of women, homosexuals and non-white peoples in Western cultures!

    And please. Don't take this as a request to be educated by you.

    Please, in the future, limit your comments to the topic at hand. Otherwise I will delete them.

    Any further violations will result in comment moderation and only those relevant to the topic will be accepted.


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