Reverend James Lawson

The Reverend James Lawson
(photo by Glen Anderson)

I had the opportunity to see Reverend Jim Lawson on two occasions during his several day visit to Olympia, Washington. Reverend Lawson was in Olympia to address the community about the concerns of the social justice and peace movement in regard to recent disruptions and hostility and outbursts of violence.

Reverend Lawson is a war resister who, instead of seeking Conscientious Objector status, served 13 months of a 3 year prison sentence for refusing induction for service in Korea.

After he was released from prison, he traveled to India where he studied Satyagraha, AKA Gandhian nonviolence.

He became active in the Southern Black Liberation Movement of the 50's and 60's, and has dedicated his life to the cause of bettering the world through the dedicated practice of nonviolence and social movement organizing, as exemplified by Jesus of Nazareth.

Lawson led the first wave of Freedom Riders into Jackson, Mississippi in 1961. He is a brilliant man and a tremendous leader.

Thank you to Rev. Jim Lawson for visiting the City and Community of Olympia, Washington.

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