In Support of Global Dominance

Our legislators don't represent the will of the people for peace and justice. Instead they all too often represent the will of corporations for global dominance, even to the point of militarism and the use of violence. Here's a comment I made at OlyBlog about Congressman Brian Baird (D - WA 3rd Congressional District):
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Do the terms "liberal" or "conservative" have meaning anymore?

As far as it goes with the occupation of Iraq, Congressman Baird certainly provides liberal support to those (Western multi-national petroleum corporations) who seek domination and control over the oil resource of Iraq.

It's great that Baird is a strong proponent of abortion rights and other things. But I wish he was a support of peace, justice and disarmament. It seems that he is an able and willing supporter of global dominance and a foreign policy of violent militarism. Congressman Baird lives up to a the tradition of the military-industrial-congressional-complex.

The same criticism that applies to Baird also applies, unfortunately, to a majority of US Legislators: they are wedded to a system that represents the interests of the corporations. It's corporatism plain and simple. Regular citizens just don't have access to government anymore.

The people need healthcare and good, stable jobs. But the corporations are making it impossible - with the help of Congress.

If the work is to represent the interests of peace and justice, the government is often less than willing to receive the message. (This is also true at State and local levels, but the degree of receptivity varies on a case by case basis.)

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