I'm Okay

I feel traumatized by the violence used against nonviolent / peaceful protesters here in Olympia Washington. But I am okay. I got some sleep last night. I have been documenting some of the events. You can find the photos via my flickr account.

This photo was taken during roughly 4 hours of testimony provided by victims and witnesses of police brutality during PMR's nonviolent campaign to prevent the use of the Port of Olympia to aid, abet and/or enable an illegal military action in Iraq.

President Bush has been lying and making falsifications in order to justify the occupation of Iraq. But I know better. I know that the occupation is imperial in nature. If we need access to the oil resource of Iraq, we need to find ways other than violent military occupation and overthrow of a sovereign government (based on lies and fraudulent falsifications,) in order to ensure that access.

Here's me:
Pepper Spray in my Eye


  1. Dear Rob,

    We'd like to use one of your recent blockade photos in the coming issue of the Nuclear Resister (nonprofit, educational - see nuclearresister.org) so if you can make a higher-res version available, please send an email to nukeresister@igc.org and I can let you kow which we'd like.
    The rub is that TUESDAY evening 11/13 is our deadline!!
    Jack Cohen-Joppa

  2. Hi,

    a friend in Olympia sent me your adress.
    I am glad to discover your blog and happy to read proper info about what's going on in Olympia.
    Keep going, what you and your people are doing is great.


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