No End in Sight: Movie Review

I just returned from the Capitol Theatre in Olympia (WA) where I viewed the documentary film, No End in Sight.

It was an emotional experience, gripping, and I am stunned. This film is a must see. This goes especially for elected officials, representatives, and other governmental/military personnel. This film casts a revealing view of the situation regarding the buildup to the invasion of Iraq as well as some of the intricacies of the occupation. It pays special attention to the early occupation, and L. Paul Bremer's administration of the CPA.

This film includes first person testimony and perspective from a variety of officials who were intimately involved in the invasion and occupation.

Again, this film is a must see. If I was a dictator, I would command that you view this film, under penalty of the revocation of your citizenship. But since I am not a dictator (nor do I care to be one,) I will simply plead with you, please, please, pretty please see this film. You owe it to yourself as a human, and you owe it to humanity.

One of the most stunning aspects of the film was the attention it devoted to the early occupation failure that was the neglect paid to looting. Virtually every Iraqi Governmental Ministry (except the Oil Ministry - because it was the only one granted protection from US Military) was looted in the month that followed the invasion.

The looting was severe and set a drastic and harmful precedent of lawlessness. It created an environment where violence came to reign supreme. Weapons caches full of rifles and ammunition and explosive ordnance were not least amongst the long list of items that were looted from public institutions as well as private business and homes.

One thing that the movie didn't answer, and it spent a lot of time exploring, was exactly why Bremer made the decision to disband the Iraqi Military. When the military of Iraq was let go, it created about one half million (500,000) soldiers who were armed and suddenly unemployed. This lent to a perfect environment for an insurgency.

Did Bremer and the Bush Admin. want an insurgency? Why did Bremer make so many (apparent) mistakes in the early occupation?

This movie is a must see. Please. Do me the favor of seeing this one for yourself.

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