Occupation of Iraq Destined to Fail

The occupation of Iraq is a fundamentally destined to fail because it goes against the will of the Iraqi people. And it's no wonder, just look at the violence, destruction and suffering - the horror - that Iraqis have faced over the past 4+ years.

This is not to speak of the terrible journey US Uniformed Service Personnel have been asked to lead. What a horrible reality to be coerced into fighting for such a despicable purpose.

The invasion was unjustified by national security prerogatives. The Bush Administration used deception and falsification in order to get their hands on Iraq. This is unacceptable.

Besides, with all of the financial resources and energy spent on the occupation, the USA could be well on the way to finding energy alternatives, rather than feeding and clinging to an unsustainable relationship with fossil fuels.

What is scary is to think that the war planners amongst the Bush Administration might get away with it. There might not be political will to end the occupation. The powers that be might think that getting that oil is all important.

But the reality is that the value of human life trumps the quest to control the oil resource of Iraq.

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