Only Getting Worse in Iraq / Baghdad

Tom Engelhardt reports:
While Americans are planning to remember 9/11 with four vast towers and a huge, extremely costly memorial sunk into Manhattan's Ground Zero, Baghdadis have been thinking a bit more practically. They are putting scarce funds into constructing two new branch morgues (with refrigeration units) in the capital for what's now most plentiful in their country: dead bodies. They plan to raise the city's morgue capacity to 250 bodies a day. If fully used, that would be about 7,500 bodies a month. Think of it as a hedge against ever more probable futures.
Disturbing news for certain. Here's a link:

Here's the text of an email I just sent to Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney:
Attention: Mr Bush and Mr Cheney,

Iraqi civilians are dying at increasing rates. What is your plan to deal with this problem? Are you going to send more troops to deal with the security vacuum in Iraq?


Robert Whitlock
Answers! I want answers. The Truth! It is the truth I seek and I will accept no less!

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