Bush Administration Absurdity

The shock and awe campaign continues. Bush has, in the past, compared the Iraq war to America's war of Independence from the British Empire. This is infuriatingly absurd. He says that if we were to give up the war, it would be like if the British had won that war some 230 years ago. Only he is wrong. If we were to give up the war, it would be exactly like what happened when those fledgling Americans achieved success over the tyrant British Empire. The occupation of British soldiers and agents was finished, which allowed the USA to begin.

Those early Americans put a stop to taxation without representation. If the USA occupies Iraq into November maybe the Iraqi's deserve a vote in American elections! Give them statehood for crissakes. Bush sure is making enough decisions about life there, with 15,000 more troops scheduled to deploy. Oh yeah, and it might be a good idea to fix their electrical, sewage, garbage and potable water systems while we're at it. After all, it was the USA who wrecked those systems, by and large, with the invasion.

In a similar vein, this tidbit of information is via Harper's Magazine. In this weekly review (published every Tuesday) Theodore Ross wrote:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice compared critics of the Iraq war to Northerners who sought peace with the South during the Civil War. “There were people who thought the Declaration of Independence was a mistake,” she said.

Here's a link: 9-12-06 weekly review.

Ms. Rice's "compar[ison] of critics of the Iraq war to Northerners who sought peace with the South during the Civil War" fits into the same categority of twisted logic that the Bush administration employs, apparently to befuddle some, and infuriate others into some sort of apoplectic shock.

The problem with her analogy is that critics of the war are more like anti-slavery abolitionists in the North, less like Northern apologists. People are critical of the war for so many reasons, like: cost, loss of life, broken families/homes/communities, moral and ethical quandries, legal issues, among others... Critics of the war tend to be those who are concerned with human rights, like those who sought to end slavery on moral grounds. These are essential matters of human rights and dignity.

Shock and Awe. It's wearing off on me though. I am sick and tired of it. Let's hear the horn of Justice. It's calling.

No more lies. No more blood for oil.

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