A Tacoma News Tribune user named Reaganomics left me a public message on my user profile:

Reaganomics Photo Reaganomics wrote:
Berd, I am so happy you went to the protest. This little example should help you understand why these two cowards should not be released. Let's say you are organizing a protest. You assign me to bring the granola. I assure you that I will bring a whole Subaru full of healthy granola to feed the hungry protesters. When protest day happens I fail to show up with the required supplies. No one is willing to protest because they don't have the energy. That would mean that I failed to keep my word to you as my commander-in-chief. That is what these fellows did, except their error could mean someone else forfits their life. I hope this little example helps you understand.
10/24/2009 6:00 AM PDT on Tacoma - The News Tribune

To which I replied:

BerdWhitlock Photo BerdWhitlock wrote:

Let's consider a little anecdote.

Let's say that I want control over the whole world. Let's say I want global dominance.

Let's say you have something I consider an important prize in your yard. Let's say that I think this prize is connected to my posture of global dominance. Oh do I ever want this prize. But there's a problem.

You also want this prize. In fact, you don't want me to control it, or to take it. And you are not offering it for sale.

I consider the prize a "vital interest."

I want it so bad. So let's say I will create a government, complete with a military, for the purpose of taking the prize from the yard where you live.

Now I consider the prize a "vital national interest." And I convince a large portion of my country that it truly is. I also convince a large portion of my country that you are dangerous, evil, backward, and a threat to their way of life.

Next, Let's say I will bomb you and your country, invade it with my army, and fight ruthlessly against anyone who resists my efforts to establish control. I will fight so ruthlessly that I will not hesitate to open fire in the presence of civilians- so that even your children are endangered by your resistance to my occupation.

Imagine that.

That is what America has done.

I hope this little example helps you understand what the USA has done.
10/26/2009 4:17 PM PDT on Tacoma - The News Tribune

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