Last Full Moon Before Bombardment

October 4th, 2009

Moonrise, shortly before 7 PM

This will be the last Full Moon before the NASA and U.S. Government (if successful) bombard an impactor into the surface of the Moon. (ref: NASA LCROSS Mission)

I really wish my government wasn't engaged in this destructive scientific experiment.

The Moon is sacred to me. (So are all the planets. Including Earth. But the Earth is already so deeply affected by human activities - a few human-made bombs are just the tip of the ice-berg in terms of environmental destruction here.) I wish that the Moon would be kept clear and protected against this kind of experiment.

It wouldn't bother me as much if I knew that the results of such scientific endeavor - and any economic gains made as a result - would be shared equitably amongst all people. If the products and suggestions gained from such research were to be used to uplift all people, then I would not be so adamantly opposed to sending people into space.

However, in light of the intense poverty here amongst people on Earth, and in light of the growing gap between rich and poor (the gap is just astronomical) - I do not believe that it can be rationally justified to direct resources to projects such as this. No. It's just not right.

What I believe is that until all people are properly sheltered, nourished, educated and given equitable opportunity to participate in meaningful, non-oppressive (supporting, uplifting, life-serving), and sustainable economic systems - then it is wrong to spend money, energy, and other resources on space exploration (not to mention conquest nor dominance.)




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