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  1. "Violence is not the solution, it is the problem" BERD

    Do you support Palestinian suicide bombings?

    Below, I included a list of Hamas attacks. It occurred to me that you may not be aware of them, as you always denounce violence of any kind.

    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Mehola Junction bombing April 16, 1993 Mehola junction 2 Hamas claimed responsibility[1]

    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Afula Bus suicide bombing April 6, 1994 Afula 9 Hamas claimed responsibility
    Hadera central station suicide bombing April 13, 1994 Hadera 6 Hamas claimed responsibility
    Tel Aviv bus 5 suicide bombing October 19, 1994 Tel Aviv 22 Attributed to Hamas
    Netzarim Junction November 11, 1994 Netzarim 3 Hamas claimed responsibility

    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Egged bus 36 bombing April 9, 1995 Vicinity of Kfar Darom 9
    Ramat Gan bus 20 bombing July 24, 1995 Ramat Gan 6
    Jerusalem bus 26 bombing August 21, 1995 Jerusalem 4 Police Chief Noam Eisenman was killed
    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Ashqelon bus station bombing February 25, 1996 Ashqelon 1
    First Jerusalem bus 18 suicide bombing February 25, 1996 Jerusalem Central Bus station 27
    Second Jerusalem bus 18 suicide bombing March 3, 1996 Jaffa street, Jerusalem 20
    Dizengoff Center suicide bombing March 4, 1996 Tel Aviv 13 Attributed to Hamas 1997
    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Cafe Appropo Bombing March 21, 1997 Tel Aviv 3
    Mahane Yehuda Market attack July 30, 1997 Jerusalem main market 16
    Ben Yehuda Street Bombing September 4, 1997 Jerusalem Ben Yehuda Street 5

    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Egged Bus 960 bombing September 5, 1999 Tveria None
    Haifa Central Bus Station bombing September 5, 1999 Haifa None

    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Mechula bombing December 22, 2000 Mechula Junction None

    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Netanya centre bombing January 1, 2001 Netanya None
    Netanyah bombing March 4, 2001 Netanya 3
    Mifgash Shalom attack March 28, 2001 Mifgash Shalom gas station, Kfar Saba 2
    Kfar Saba bombing April 22, 2001 Kfar Saba 1
    Kenyon HaSharon bombing May 18, 2001 HaSharon shopping mall, Netanya 5
    Hadera Mall bombing May 25, 2001 Hadera None
    Dolphinarium discotheque suicide bombing June 1, 2001 Tel Aviv 21 [2]
    Binyamina train station bombing July 16, 2001 Binyamina 2 Palestinian Islamic Jihad
    Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing August 9, 2001 Downtown Jerusalem 15 Carried out together with Palestinian Islamic Jihad
    Nahariya train station bombing September 9, 2001 Nahariya train station 3 Suicide bomber was an Arab Israeli citizen
    Erez Passage bombing October 7, 2001 Erez Passage near Gaza None
    Ben Yehuda Street Bombing December 1, 2001 Downtown Jerusalem 11
    Haifa Bus 16 attack December 2, 2001 Haifa 15
    Neve Dkalim bombing December 12, 2001 Neve Dkalim None

    [edit] 2002
    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Jaffa Street bombing January 27, 2002 Jerusalem 1 First Female suicide bomber in Al-Aqsa Intifada
    Taibe bombing January 31, 2002 Taibe None
    Maccabim bombing February 27, 2002 Maccabim None
    Café Moment bombing March 9, 2002 Rehavia, Jerusalem 11
    Egged bus 22 bombing March 17, 2002 Jerusalem None
    Passover massacre March 27, 2002 Park Hotel, Netanya 30
    Matza restaurant suicide bombing March 31, 2002 Haifa 15
    Efrat Medical Center March 31, 2002 Efrat None
    Rishon LeZion attack May 7, 2002 Rishon LeZion 16
    Netanya Market bombing May 19, 2002 Netanya 3 Carried out together with Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
    Afula road bombing May 20, 2002 Afula None
    Rothschild Street bombing May 22, 2002 Rishon Lezion 2
    Shawarmat Jamil Sokolov Street bombing June 11, 2002 Herzliyyāh 1
    Patt junction bus bombing June 18, 2002 Jerusalem 19
    Emmanuel bus attack July 16, 2002 Emmanuel-Bnei Brak bus 189 9
    Neve Shanan Street bombing July 17, 2002 Southern Tel Aviv 5
    Neviim Street bombing July 30, 2002 Jerusalem None
    'Frank Sinatra' bombing July 31, 2002 Hebrew University, Jerusalem 9 Included American and French casualties. Bomber was from East Jerusalem
    Meron Junction Bus 361 attack August 4, 2002 Meron Junction 9 Bomber with Israeli citzenships
    Tel Aviv synagogue attack September 19, 2002 bus 4, bear the Great Synagogue, Tel Aviv 6
    Geha road bombing October 10, 2002 Bar-Ilan interchange, Geha road 1
    Jerusalem bus 20 suicide bombing November 21, 2002 Kiryat Menahem, Jerusalem 11

    [edit] 2003
    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Haifa bus 37 suicide bombing March 5, 2003 Carmeliya neighborhood, Haifa 17 Carried out by Hamas member and attributed to Hamas, yet never acknowledged.
    Mike's Place bombing April 30, 2003 Mike's Place pub, Tel Aviv 3 Carried out by British citizens of Pakistani descent
    Gross square attack May 17, 2003 Gross square, Hebron 2
    Jerusalem bus 6 bombing May 18, 2003 Jerusalem 7
    Kenyon Afula bombing May 19, 2003 Afula shopping center 3
    Jerusalem bus 14A attack June 11, 2003 Downtown Jerusalem 17
    Bus station Ariel bombing August 12, 2003 Ariel 2
    Jerusalem bus 2 suicide bombing August 19, 2003 Shmuel Hanavi, Jerusalem 23
    Tzrifin attack September 9, 2003 Bus stop near Tzrifin army base 8
    Hillel Cafe bombing September 9, 2003 Hillel Cafe, Jerusalem 7

    [edit] 2004
    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Ashdod Port attack March 14, 2004 Port of Ashdod 10 Carried out together with Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades
    First Erez border crossing attack April 14, 2004 Erez Crossing, Gaza Strip 4 Carried out together with Fatah
    Second Erez border crossing attack April 17, 2004 Erez Crossing, Gaza Strip 1 Carried out together with Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades
    Beersheba attack August 31, 2004 Downtown Beersheba in buses 7 and 12 16

    [edit] 2005
    In 2005, Israeli security forces foiled and arrested 29 Hamas suicide-bombers.

    Name Date Location Death Toll Notes
    Karni border crossing attack January 13, 2005 Karni crossing, Gaza Strip 6 Carried out together with Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and the Popular Resistance Committees
    Gush Katif checkpoint attack January 18, 2005 Gush Katif, Gaza Strip 4

  2. Please, in the future, refrain from posting commentary that does not relate to the topic of the post at hand.

    Further, if you would like to carry on a discussion with me about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, then I am willing. Please, you're welcome to contact me by email, and perhaps we can set up a time to talk by telephone, or perhaps meet in person. Of course, we could attempt to dialogue via email.

    However, I am not sure the reactionary posting of comments to my blog is really the best way to serve the cause of understanding between us.

    What do you think? Are you willing to enter into dialogue with me?


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