Political Frustration and What's Up

I am back in Olympia after a couple weeks spent traveling to Houston, TX and back. It was a good trip, but even after being back for over a week I feel like I am still recovering. I drove out there, by myself, which I wouldn't recommend. It would have been much better to have someone to drive with.

I am back and looking forward to what's next.

So the election is over. Here we are on the precipice of a new day in America. We have the potential for a better government - one that is more geared toward the service of life, rather than the service of big business.

That's what we need. We need a government that is interested in representing people. What we have is a government that is basically representing the interests of the biggest and most powerful, the most influential, businesses. Which is not a bad thing, if you're a big business person. But most of us are not big business people. In fact well over 90% of the world's human population do not derive special benefit from big business. And the fact is that what is good for business is not always good for the greater body of people - in fact what is good for business is often times not good for the overall population - the public.

Now - not all business, businesses, or business activities are disharmonious with the interests of the public (people and planet.) Some business activities can benefit people. But the fact is that many business activities and interests are harmful overall - harmful to the people, to the planet, to plants and animals and ecosystems...

We need a government that is in the service of life. We need a government that is in the service of the people. We need to stand up to, we need to oppose and resist a government that is playing host to the influences of the biggest businesses as they push for imperialism via wars of aggression - as they push for weakened regulation to enable even greater exploitation of resources (be they mineral, human, financial, or whatever.)

We need a government that has an eye not for protection of private property and wealth, we need a government that has an eye for protection of ecosystems, of human rights, civil liberties, and a healthy world to pass on to generations of humans far into the future.

There is Hope. Obama represents a truly new frontier. Someone wrote of the momentous historic aspect of a black family moving into the "White House" (the real color is actually a light tint of green - I saw that on the Discovery channel years ago) - the White House that was the product of a society that was built on the backs of black slaves...

I am so glad that Obama won. However I must be frank and personal - I was frustrated by the Presidential Election because I don't feel that either of the candidates represent my true best interests. It seems to me that government has been hi-jacked by big-business.

This election took the concept of divide and conquer to new territory - the appearance of contrast between the presidential candidates was stark. I am so glad that Obama won the election - or rather, maybe my gladness is more due to McCain (and Palin) not winning. But then again, let's ask: what are the real differences between Obama and McCain? How will the presidency of these two men differ on some of the most formative issues of our time - issues like corporate and foreign policies?

The real work begins now. Special interests are lining up for more of the same - more influence over Congress and White House. It is imperative that the common interest be represented effectively. Public and common interest must be represented in a way that it is clearly prioritized above the special interests of big businesses and corporations.

No longer can motive for financial profit be placed above the health and long term well-being of people, plants, animals, ecosystems and indeed, the whole planet.

Peace to you and good health, bert

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Aldo Leopold: "We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."

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