More on the Nuclear Free Zone Repeal

I am watching video from the City Council Meeting last week, September 9, 2008, during which the Council voted 5 to 2 to repeal the Nuclear Free Zone Act of 2005.

A few things stand out. I don't want to be too critical of the Council Members. They have a hard job to do. But one thing stands out. Mayor Mah said that he couldn't understand the local relevance for the ordinance. Well here it is Mayor Mah - the people want to be Nuclear Free. Mayor Pro Tem Kingsbury told of his visits with hundreds of city residents who expressed their disapproval for the ordinance. Well, Mayor Pro Tem Kingsbury, I am sure you could also find hundreds who desire that the ordinance be retained.

The ordinance is relevant because the people of Olympia are tired of watching their national officials commit acts of aggression, and use nuclear weapons in a hostile and intimidating manner.

The people of Olympia want a better world, and that is relevant. What could be more relevant than that?

There is more. But it's going to have to wait. Think globally, act locally! I want to be free of nuclear weapons. Do you?


  1. Rob, who is this "the people of Olympia" which you seem to speak on their behalf for. The folks in my social and business circles are of the opposite opinion... I have met very few in favor of the Nuke Free law...

  2. Hey Steve, it looks like we run in somewhat of different circles...

    I similarly have met few people who oppose the law.

    So we have something special in the fact that we know each other. We are a link between the two sides of the issue. We are a bridge. Perhaps we can take advantage of our vantage point on the bridge to further the cause of understanding about this issue.

    So, are you going to be at the Isthmus Hearing tomorrow?

  3. I don't get the chance to make city council meetings because Tuesday night is my Sunday night, and I have to walk about a mile from the marina to downtown.


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