People for a Public Isthmus

There are several groups organizing opposition to a proposed rezone of building heights on the "isthmus" area in downtown Olympia. The "isthmus" (in quotes because it is not an isthmus - it's actually a peninsula) separates the water of Capitol Lake, a man made reservoir, and Budd Bay, Budd Inlet, one of the southernmost inlets of the Puget Sound.

Some of the groups organizing opposition are:On Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 opponents of the rezone proposal, and a proposed development of 141 million dollar high rise condominiums, gathered to raise awareness and to get signatures for an initiative petition that would, if successful, require the city to put the park idea on a ballot - or [thanks for the correction, Thad!] conduct a feasibility analysis into acquiring the land for the purpose of developing a park.

People for a Public Isthmus
[photo caption:] People in support of a public isthmus, including an expanded park area to the West of Water Street in between 4th and 5th Avenues, gathered near the City of Olympia's Heritage Fountain to do a walk around for signature gathering and outreach to gain support and organize a petition that will require the city to conduct a feasibility study into the possibility of acquiring land on the Isthmus for the purpose of establishing and developing a park.

more information: Walk the Isthmus!

background on the isthmus development issue:

information on the park petition:

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