The Family: Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

[update: here's a link to the publisher's website for the book: The Family]

I heard this today on my favorite radio station, KAOS, The Evergreen State College radio station.

It's a great program. Check it out. This is a must listen recording. Here's an excerpt from the description on Writer's Voice and a link where you can find the mp3 of the recording.

I highly recommend this one.
Host Francesca Rheannon talks with journalist Jeff Sharlet about his bestselling new book, THE FAMILY. It’s about the real “New World Order” of elite fundamentalism.

When Senator Sam Brownback ran for president during the recent primary season few people knew that he’s a member of an elite fundamentalist group that’s waging spiritual war in the halls of American power and around the globe. It’s called The Family. It counts not just conservatives but also liberals like Hillary Clinton among its intimates and fellow travelers. When the National Prayer Breakfast is held each year–it’s organized by the Family. When we say “our nation, under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, or we read “In God we Trust” on our greenbacks–that’s because of the Family. Founded during the Great Depression in 1933, the Family preaches a gospel of “biblical capitalism,” military might, and American empire. It’s played a crucial role in the unraveling of the New Deal, the waging of the Cold War, and the harsh economics of globalization. That’s what journalist Jeff Sharlet says in his new book, THE FAMILY: THE ELITE FUNDAMENTALISM AT THE HEART OF AMERICAN POWER.

Jeff Sharlet’s previous book was Killing the Buddha, which he co-authored with Peter Manseau. He’s a contributing editor for Harper’s and Rolling Stone. His Mother Jones article about Hillary Clinton’s cozy relationship with Christian fundamentalists, “Hillary’s Prayer”, can be read here.

The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power
So Check it Out! - Bert
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  1. I found this highly disturbing. Unfortunately I don't find it at all surprising. When are the powers that be in the country going to learn to leave religion out of it?



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