Back from Travels

Hey, I am back from major travels. I went to Minnesota and Wisconsin, and then to Bermuda. It was a good two weeks. Lots of stories to share - I don't know where to start!, and I took a lot of photographs.

Anyway, I am back in Olympia and gearing up to restart! I do feel refreshed from the travels, though I am certainly tired out and looking forward to getting more energy as I get back into a routine. On my list of things to do is finding employment and cleaning my room and getting going with an exercise routine again. I am looking forward to plugging back in to Olympia!

I pulled some garlic out of the front lawn garden at my girlfriend's house. check it out:

It looks a lot better now that Ana cleaned it up, I haven't photographed the clean bulbs yet though.

I am looking forward to posting more photos, and possibly more stories, from the travels! Stay tuned.

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