Obama and AIPAC: Moving Right?

[June 7, 2008: The question for me is whether an Obama Presidency would signify a break with the foreign policy of global dominance. The answer may be that it even if an Obama Administration would maintain the basic tenets of a, United States of America, foreign policy of global dominance and hegemony, that the improvements in other sectors (energy and tax policy for example) would make a vote for Obama the obvious pragmatic decision. However, I think that the foreign policy of global dominance runs counter, and is not complementary to the goal of true economic and geo-political security, if that is even the goal (though it is the professed goal, I have my doubts.).

AIPAC is the American Israel Political Action Committee. AIPAC is known for denying the "Palestinian Holocaust," which occurred as a result of the 1948 advent of the state of Israel. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced, forced to flee their homes, neighborhoods and villages as Israel made a mass military and violent expansion into traditionally Palestinian areas.

AIPAC is a brand that seeks to whitewash the horrors intrinsic to the violence of militaristic zionism (aka "gun zionism.")

Additionally AIPAC (link to AIPAC website) calls itself "America's Pro-Israel Lobby". But is AIPAC truly pro-Israel? Does promoting violent annexation of Palestinian areas, does the promotion of violent zionism qualify as "pro-Israel?" - I simply think that it does not. Violence does not, and will not, ultimately, benefit Israel, or the people of Israel. /end July 7, 2008]

Senator Obama meets with AIPAC. Aijaz Ahmad:

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