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I found this series of interviews about Iraq, hosted by the Seattle program Weekday on Raed Jarrar's website, Raed in the Middle. Raed is an Iraqi architect who lives in the USA as a refugee. He is a consultant to the American Friends Service Committee on Iraqi affairs. Raed was among several who were interviewed on the Seattle Public Radio Station KUOW's program, Weekday, by Steve Scher.

Please link to Raed Jarrar's website to check out the KUOW program:

[May 18th, 2008: Essentially, the interviewees presented an alarming and disturbing view of Iraq. They told of an Iraq that has been stretched to the thin margins of social chaos. They told of an Iraq that is plagued by corruption, by a civilian infrastructure that is in shambles. They told of an Iraq in the throes of a humanitarian crisis where roughly 50% of the population goes without adequate access to potable water. The told of the US Military hindering humanitarian relief. They unanimously supported the immediate commencement of a safe and gradual, full and complete withdrawal of US military forces.

I agree. I want a full and complete, yet gradual and safe, withdrawal of US military and vested corporate interests from Iraq.

I want this because it's the right thing, and it's in the best interests of both the Iraqi and the American People.

The invasion was illegal. The occupation is illegal. What we need to do is hold government, and culpable governmental officials, accountable. Then the process of amelioration and reconciliation can begin. /May 18th, 2008]

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