Peace between Israel and Palestine

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From IWT news:
Carter comes back from Hamas with an olive branch

Aijaz Ahmad: Carter including Hamas in peace process is itself a major development

Wednesday April 23rd, 2008

David Newman, professor of political geography at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University, tells The Real News Network that Hamas’ claim that it will respect a peace deal with Israel—if it is accepted in a vote by Palestinians—represents “a more moderate position” than what the group has previously expressed.

The Real News senior analyst Aijaz Ahmad concludes that Hamas’ new, slightly softened stance could represent “a major breakthrough” in the ongoing standoff between Israel and the Islamic militant group.

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  1. Wait. You mean all along they were NOT for peace. That's a hell of thing to point out if you're painting the Palestinians as passive victims. Careful. You might let the fact that there are two sides fighting slip out.

    If you're willing to justify suicide bombings for a cause, then you are certainly willing to justify lying and distorting for a cause.


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