Harper's Magazine Online

Harper's Magazine online, www.harpers.org, features a wealth of content, including the commentary of prominent Washington D.C. journalists Ken Silverstein and Scott Horton. Many of the stories from the print magazine are republished online and available for reading without a subscription.

Harper's does an especially great job of covering the current political environment in Washington D.C. (as it relates to corruption in major offices of government), and matters as they relate to the war on terrorism / Iraq, etc.

Ken Silverstein is known for his Congressional muckraking, and coverage of the unethical practices within the D.C. lobbying industry. Scott Horton is a New York attorney and legal professor who is known for his insights into Bush Administration legal (or illegal) operations.

Reading either of Horton's or Silverstein's blogs, as well as the general content published at www.harpers.org comes highly recommended from this blogger.

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