Protesters Stop Transport of Military Cargo

video by Zoltan Grossman


  1. It leaves me gasping for air. It is terrifying to see vulnerable human beings in front of massive trucks.

  2. Believe me, it is highly traumatic for me to watch as well. It made me sick after watching it again last night. I was the first person to jump between the two trucks before the line moved in, although this video doesn't show it.

    Interestingly, there was a television news camera man standing on the side of the road while this happened, but he wasn't filming!!!

    Anyway it's traumatizing for sure. I was there; I know.

    But it is for the right reasons. The war is illegal.

    One thing that keeps me going is to think of the trauma that the People of Iraq have faced (and continue to do so) as a result of US foreign policy.


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