Horror in Baghdad

To think that this violence was caused by an unnecessary and unjustified, illegal and immoral "preemptive" invasion by the USA. The USA was driven to war based on false pretenses. Members of the Bush Administration made false statements over a period of years in order to create an environment where they could launch their invasion. As such the invasion can be rightly understood as aggression.

It is sickening.

...what terror, what horror...

I wish there was a simple and quick solution, and maybe there is, but then maybe there is not.

The War is IllegalThere definitely are solutions however, though they might not be simple or quick. First order of business must be to hold those who perpetrated this unlawful, unnecessary, unjustified invasion to account. The USA was driven to war based on false pretenses (Center for Public Integrity). Members of the Bush Administration have been making false statements about the threat from Iraq for years. It is time to hold them accountable. Here are three articles on impeachment: No Blood for OilSecondly, the mission priority in Iraq must be reconstruction. Some 70% of Iraqis go without adequate access to clean, safe, potable water (http://www.oxfam.org/...).

Economic stability is necessary for civil society and basic infrastructural remedies will be necessary for economic stability - like fixing the water and sewage systems.

There is a humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

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  1. This week has seen an escalation of violence in Iraq. from the AP:

    With the latest fatality, at least 64 people have been slain in assaults targeting pilgrims. The worst of the attacks occurred Sunday when a suicide bomber detonated in a roadside refreshment tent packed with worshippers taking a break as they walked to Karbala. At least 56 people were killed.

    Iraq: Shiite Pilgrims Targeted Again

    By JOHN AFFLECK – 8 hours ago


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