Feeling Better

I have been feeling somewhat ill during the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I am on the mend, today I felt much better overall. I went for a nice short easy jog that felt good. I haven't been jogging the past couple of weeks. Anyway, the weather has been gorgeous here in Olympia, which has made me feel somewhat the worse for not getting out and enjoying it more than I did. I did get out, as my flickr photos attest, just not as much as I would've liked. There were a couple gorgeous days when I didn't even make it out of the house (ugh).

Tonight I went to Madison Scenic Park and shot some night photographs. I am processing them now and hopefully they will be good enough to make a panorama that I will post here when it's done. The air was gorgeous, almost balmy and it was quiet. It was quiet enough, in fact, so that I could hear frogs croaking. Go frogs!!!

Three, Four [updated] Two versions: which one do you like most?

Madison Scenic Park Vista


  1. I love the frogs! We should go up to the ponds on 14th some evening soon, the chorus is almost deafening. The tree frogs in Bermuda are also like that but they're more squeaky than croaky.

  2. These frogs actually sound chirpy to me! like crickets

  3. Heehee, maybe they got tired of all the ugly banks and hotels on the rock and emigrated. Are you sure it was not a chorus of crickets that you were experiencing? just kidding, I believe you. back to work now!


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