The Year in Political Pictures

This project was inspired by Sarah. I became more active politically and photographically this year. Here are some of the highlights. (all photos hyperlinked to higher resolution versions)

Bangor Main-Gate Overpass MLK Banner
Bangor Main-Gate Overpass MLK Jr. Banner - January

Speaking Truth to Power
Speaking Truth to Power - February
(Please see more from the Lt. Ehren Watada support rally.)

Waiting - March
(See here and here for more photos from PMR actions in Tacoma.)

Bring them home.
Bring Them Home - March bonus photo
(Please see more photos from the Washington State Impeachment Investigations.)

Pedestrian Interference Ordinance
Pedestrian Interference Ordinance - April

Vaude deVille
Vaude deVille - May
(Please click here to see more from the Rachel Corrie Foundation Peace Works 2007 Collaborative Story Telling Event. Stories were read from Anthony Arnove and Howard Zinn's book, Voices of a People's History of the United States.)

Leaving Groundwater Protection Area
Leaving Groundwater Protection Area - May bonus photo

The People of Iraq are Suffering
The People of Iraq are Suffering - June
(Click here and see more photos from the Special Operations Weapons Exposition in Tacoma.)

Venezuelan Diesel
Venezuelan Diesel - July

Nuclear Imprint
Nuclear Imprint - August
(Please see more from the Ground Zero for Nonviolent Action's Civil Resistance Action and Hiroshima/Nagasaki nuclear bombing remembrance.)

Town Hall Meeting with Brian Baird
Town Hall Meeting with Brian Baird - September

Another World is Possible - Roy
"Another World is Possible", Roy - October
(Please see more from the Seattle Occupation of Iraq protest.)

Tackle... - November
(Please see Oly PMR November 2007 for more.)

"Don't Shed Blood for Oil!"
"Don't Shed Blood for Oil" - December

and finally Petition Delivery
No Iran War Petition-Delivery - December bonus photo
(See more from the Petition Delivery.)

Political and social change can be difficult and sometimes painful work. But if we honestly assess the present-day realities and take appropriate actions in earnest, I believe that we can save not only ourselves, but future generations as well, from a greater suffering.

Wishing you all the best in the new year,

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  1. you are so much more than just "talk." You walk the talk--so admirable.


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