Autumn is Here

Fall is here. It arrived about three or four weeks ago - in earnest. Since the arrival of fall, those of use in the Pac. NW have experienced cooler temperatures, higher humidity, increased precipitation, lower solar insolation, etc. It is amazing, it seems like one day it is hot and dry and then all of the sudden the ground has turned into perma-moisture - not to dry out until next May or June. It's a beautiful time of year though, even in the Pac. NW. Here, there are lots of foggy mornings, and recently those of us in the South Sound have been treated to some magnificent sunsets, it seems that there is often a clearing to the West, so that the setting sun sparkles its rays across the evening atmosphere prior to setting. I consider it nature's way of saying "good day" or "goodnight"... Anyway, it's awesome.

Watershed Park
Fall Colors


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