Not Enough Water in Baghdad

The People of Iraq are SufferingReports have surfaced this week of a severe water shortage in Baghdad. Some have blamed insurgent activity for preventing repairs and maintenance to vital water systems and electrical systems (which support the water system.) However, the real failure is on the part of the occupying military force. The occupying military of the USA has not made it a priority to restore the civilian infrastructure in Iraq. The Iraqi people are paying the price and suffering horribly as a result of this "mismanagement." But more than a simple mismanagement it is. Because under rules imposed during the Geneva Convention, of which the USA is signatory, it is the responsibility of the occupying force to provide for the basic needs of the civilian population.

The US military is responsible for providing "security" in Iraq. The military is still an occupying force. Therefore the rules of the Geneva Convention are binding. And the US government and military is in breach of contract.

But even more so, this is a gross and heinous humanitarian. The situation in Iraq is deteriorating. And the blame can be placed on the US government.

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