Impeachment Basics from Phil Burk

[edit 8/18:] In a nutshell, there are a few arguments for impeachment. One is war fraud; deliberate deception about the threat to US security from Iraq. Two is warrantless wiretaps, and three is condoning torture.

For example, in the case of leading the nation to war under false pretenses. Burk describes two possibilities. One is that Bush et al. genuinely believed that Iraq had WMD and threatened the peace and security of the US. Possibility two is that Bush et al. never really believed that, but used the notion of a WMD threat from Iraq (coupled with the fear generated by 9/11) to market and promote the invasion of Iraq.

Unfortunately for the Bush Administration, the evidence suggests possibility two. It seems that there was a clandestine effort to invade Iraq for several years - even before the Bush Administration secured the office of the executive. It is also readily obvious that Bush and (especially) Cheney took advantage of the post-9/11 climate to promote an invasion of Iraq based on the faulty connection between Saddam Hussein and terrorism.

There was no terrorism in Iraq prior to the unilateral decision of the USA to invade. There was certainly no connection between Iraq or Hussein and Bin Laden's "al Qaeada."

But there was oil in Iraq, and there was also all of the Bush Administration cronies who stand to benefit from the exploitation of the Iraqi oil resource. There were also all of the Bush Administration cronies who stood to benefit from years of increased military spending.

It is clear that leading the USA into an unnecessary, unethical, unjust, immoral and (most likely) illegal military action was the wrong thing to do.

Let's make it so our elected officials have consequences for making the wrong decisions. Please, push for impeachment. Contact your representative today.

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