Capital City 2007 Half-Marathon Results

I finished the half-marathon. I am happy with my performance. I came in 110/797 overall; 91-327 amongst men overall; and 13/29 amongst males in my age group (25 to 29 years old). Click here for results.

My finish time was 1 hour 42 minutes and 11 seconds. More information can be found at the official Capital City Marathon site.


  1. Just looked at the video of the race. I didn't realize it was such a wet day. Your results are great--in the top 13% of finishers...pretty darned good, ol' fella!

  2. Well, in the top 14% overall.

    In the top 1/3 of men, and the top 50% in my age category amongst men, to be more specific.

    It was a little wet, but the rain held off until later in the day, fortunately.

    I think the course is not an easy one, lots of hills make it challenging. I'll see how I feel about competing in more long distance runs...


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