The 'New Me'

I recently cut my beard off and shaved after almost 11 months of uninhibited facial hair growth (except for a very minor trim of the mustache at about 6 months.)

Here's the new skinny me. After over two weeks, people are still commenting on the change. But I have, for the most part, gotten used to it.


  1. what a great picture! I could see you being the author on the back cover of a book ;)

  2. miss the beard. in some ways it's pretty subversive to have a long scraggliy beard.

    what was the impetus for the shaving?

  3. Well, the impetus for shaving was multifaceted. Originally, when I stopped shaving (and trimming) my goal was uninhibited growth for 6 months. When I came to six months I changed that goal to one year.

    But I have an important social event at the end of the month - a good friend of mine is getting married, and I didn't want to stand out because of my beard. So I could have trimmed the beard, and not shaved all the way, but with the beard I have some all or nothing feelings. Maybe that will change and I will find a nice medium to wear my beard. I don't know.

    But I do plan to regrow it.

    I didn't consider my long scraggily beard to be subversive. Though it was a political statement. Partly it was to show my concern for the treatment of political prisoners in Guantanamo Bay Cuba - as well as to show my solidarity with people who are suffering as a result of the aggressive and belligerent actions of the US gov't (and allies) in the Middle East.

  4. Cole, I'm sorry you miss it! I do plan to grow it back.

    But, maybe it's more subversive to have a normal appearance while participating in political organizations that oppose the destructive and violent actions of the US government.


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