Right Wing Anti-Muslim Assaults

By M.J. Rosenberg:
It didn't take long for the bigots to come after Rep.-Elect Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota). Ellison is an African-American and the first Muslim to be elected to Congress. Yesterday, Dennis Prager, the far-right Jewish talk-show host, attacked Ellison because the young Muslim wants to take his oath of office on a Quran and not on the Christian Bible. Prager went ballistic, sayng “he should not be allowed to do so.” Prager said that "the Bible is America's holiest book. If you are incapable of taking an oath on that book, don't serve in Congress.”
Why would a Jew want a Muslim to take an oath on a Christian bible? Wouldn't the Torah be preferable?

This attack on Ellison is not good, whether the attacker is Christian, Jew, secular - whatever. Prager owes Ellison a sincere on-air apology. And a prompt one at that. Prager is not a good Jew (according to my understanding). No person of religious faith, especially the Jewish faith, in which principles of social justice and equality are highly esteemed (according to my lay knowledge of the faith), would stoop to an attack of this level. Is Prager an imposter? Maybe. He reeks of nationalism, that much is for sure.

[edit:Really, it doesn't matter what his professed religion of choice is, this type of bigotry is really destructive and harmful to society.]

link to tpm café article:anti_muslim_assault_on_democratic_congressman

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