Letter to the "Prez"

"Prez" in quotes because his official election status is dubious.

I just sent this email off to the #1 and #2. I don't think they'll like it very much. But I don't like what they are doing to the USA, to the people, to the world, to humanity in general.

Without further ado:
Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney,

It is obvious that the situation in Iraq is dire and that it is only getting worse. The vast majority of Iraqis want the US military to withdraw. The Iraqis further believe that sectarian violence and tensions will actually be reduced if the USA leaves Iraq alone. It seems that, at the very least, setting an timetable for withdrawal deserves to be on the table for discussion.

Your invasion and occupation of Iraq has the appearance of a project in venture capitalism gone drastically awry. But, as obvious as the failure is to the rest of the world, you are still wedded to your notions of success. Your belief in success is delusional. What will it take to bring disillusion to the White House?

Only the introduction of an international consortium, founded in genuine altruistic intentions, can restore true stability and security to Iraq.

In order to achieve true and lasting security in Iraq and the region, the USA (and other Western Interests with an eye for exploitation) must rescind all economic ties to the oil wealth of Iraq. That is, American and other Western business interests must not be allowed to profit any further from the disaster in Iraq, or from the eventual development of the petroleum extraction industry there.

The conduct of your administration regarding the invasion and occupation of Iraq brings shame to the USA. Shame on you. Americans know that justification for the invasion was based on lies and deliberate falsehoods. You are under investigation by the American people for prewar intelligence fraud.

It's time to think, and then think again.


Robert Whitlock


  1. If only GaD were capable of hearing what you are saying...

  2. If they don't listen, then it's up to "us" (i.e. Americans) to "haul 'em in."

    I haven't received the normal receipt reply from "GaD" that I have in the past.

    Not very polite of them. Are they really on the run now? I think they are at their most dangerous. Like cage animals, we must be alert to the potential for new and increased grievous actions by them.


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