Letter to Condoleeza Rice

I just wrote a letter to Ms. Rice, US Secretary of State, that her (old?) bosses at Chevron wouldn't like at all. In order to rid the world of terrorism, the US must halt its exploitative imperialist practices... i.e. relinquish interest in Iraqi oil. There are better alternatives to ensure our energy security that invading and occupying foreign states. Here's the text of the letter I sent Ms. Rice:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice,

You recently said that the Democratic take over of Congress won't deter the Bush Administration from continuing its Iraq mission until "the goal that took us to Iraq" is achieved.

What exactly is the goal that took us to Iraq? I thought the Bush Administration went into Iraq because of WMD. Then, when no WMD was found, I though we were there to get Saddam Hussein out of power.

What's the new mission? To reconstruct Iraq? The Iraqi reconstruction could have and should have been completed years ago. That is, if the contractors that the Bush Administration had hired weren't incompetent.

Is the new mission to get rid of terrorism in Iraq? Well, if you want to do that, I suggest pulling US interests out of Iraq as soon as possible, because the US presence in Iraq is the main reason for the terrorism.

I have to break it to you, Ms. Rice, you and your mission in Iraq have failed. The USA, in order to maintain its standing amongst civilized nations, must relinquish its stranglehold on the nation of Iraq, and ensure that Western energy companies do not stand to profit from Iraqi oil reserves.

I repeat, the oil wealth of Iraq must be kept in Iraq, for your mission in the war against terror to succeed.

Robert Whitlock
Olympia, Washington
Here's a link in case you care to write a letter to Ms. Rice at the State Department.

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