Death Toll in Iraq Increasing Rapidly

I blogged a story about this already, but I think it deserves more attention, given the recent spike in violent deaths in Iraq. We need to remember that the United States of America (the government of the Bush Administration at least) is responsible for the situation in Iraq. Had not the Bush Administration pushed for a flagrantly illegal invasion (by means of fraud), the people of Iraq, as well as the US uniformed service men and women (and their families), would not be suffering as they are currently.

Really, we are all suffering because of this war. We all reap the emotional consequences of the violence of war. And these fruits are made all the more rotten and distasteful, all the more putrid and vile, because of the illegal, immoral, unjustified nature of the US military action in Iraq. Read more about the recent rise in violence from Mohammed A. Salih:
ARBIL, Nov 23 (IPS) - More than 150 people died in the Shia Sadr area of Baghdad in a spate of car bombings and mortar attacks Thursday morning.

The toll has been rising dramatically already. A United Nations report indicates that violence hit a new high during October. November looks certain to be worse, with preliminary figures indicating a higher toll in November even before the Thursday bombings.

In its report released Nov. 22, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) said that during September and October of this year 7,054 civilians were killed. Of this, 3,709 deaths came in October, marking the highest monthly death toll since the March 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

In July and August, 6,599 Iraqis were killed. Relative to that the violence in September and October showed significant increase.

"Iraq's security situation is critically dangerous," Bassam Ali, a political analyst from Arbil told IPS. "There is a full-scale sectarian war in the country that the media has not been able to fully project to the world."

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