Congratulations Democrats: Time to Fix the Mess

A new mandate for congress. Out of Iraq! Here's an (excerpt from and link to an) article from Harper's with some very credible and easy to follow instruction how to go about doing just that.
The Way Out of War

A blueprint for leaving Iraq now

Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2006. Originally from October 2006. By George S. McGovern and William R. Polk.

Staying in Iraq is not an option. Many Americans who were among the most eager to invade Iraq now urge that we find a way out. These Americans include not only civilian “strategists” and other “hawks” but also senior military commanders and, perhaps most fervently, combat soldiers. Even some of those Iraqis regarded by our senior officials as the most pro-American are determined now to see American military personnel leave their country. Polls show that as few as 2 percent of Iraqis consider Americans to be liberators. This is the reality of the situation in Iraq. We must acknowledge the Iraqis’ right to ask us to leave, and we should set a firm date by which to do so.


Arresting control of congress from Republicans is one thing. But doing something to address the problems that have arisen in America domestically, and in her relationship to the world is another. While there is a mood of hope and possibility, people are still suffering and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of Bush's failed and (fraudulent) wars. In actuality, people are still suffering and dying from treatable and preventable causes right here in America. This new congress really has its work cut out, but the challenge ought to solicit excitement and resolution to "right the wrongs."

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