$330 Million Per Day

No, that's not my wage rate! Not yet anyway!

A new estimate puts the total cost of the Irarq War at over $2T (that's two trillion dollars - here it is with the zeros: 2,000,000,000,000.00)

Is this $2T money well spent? I am not the decider. You decide. But I am sure that you can guess my opinion!

The estimate puts monthly costs at roughly $10 Billion. Which is over $330 Million ($330,000,000.00) every day; over $230,000 per minute (over $3,800.00 per second.)

That's a lot of money.

source: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article15499.htm

[edit: From the article:]
Franklin Roosevelt did not wait to respond to Pearl Harbor until his budget analysts could assay the costs and benefits. But, with Iraq, America had a choice of whether and when to attack. If there ever was a “project” that should have been subject to careful scrutiny from all perspectives – including the economics – this was it.

Just as going to war was a matter of choice, staying in Iraq is also a matter of choice. There may be costs associated with leaving. But there will be costs associated with staying. Every day we stay in Iraq we accrue costs that will be reflected in budget outlays, lost productivity and individual pain and suffering for decades to come. We need to ask: are they outweighed by the benefits?

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  1. Who knows...

    Maybe someday I will be known as the "$330 Million a Day Man."


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