World Anger at Hyprocisy of USA

The indefatigable Robert Fisk comments on the prospects of security in the "West" in the face of counteracting politics and policies, which serve to undermine safety, security and stability - not only in the Middle East, but in Britain and the USA as well.
Freedom of speech is a precious commodity but just how precious I found out for myself when I addressed the American University of Beirut after receiving an honorary degree there this summer. I made my usual points about the Bush administration and the growing dangers of the Middle East only to find that a US diplomat in Beirut was condemning me in front of Lebanese friends for being allowed to criticise the Bush administration in a college which receives US government money.

And so on we go with the Middle East tragedy, telling the world that things are getting better when they are getting worse, that democracy is flourishing when it is swamped in blood, that freedom is not without "birth pangs" when the midwife is killing the baby.

It's always been my view that the people of this part of the Earth would like some of our democracy. They would like a few packets of human rights off our supermarket shelves. They want freedom. But they want another kind of freedom - freedom from us. And this we do not intend to give them. Which is why our Middle East presence is heading into further darkness. Which is why I sit on my balcony and wonder where the next explosion is going to be.
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I am in continuing disapproval of the actions of Mr. Bush et al. as they steer the USA toward further decline and repudiation with the essentials of truth and justice.

Mr. Bush can run from the truth and can hide from justice only for so long before he is apprehended.

The safety and security of the people of the world, all of the world's people, depends on holding men like Mr. Bush accountable for their actions.

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