A Morally Bankrupt White House

Thankfully, there are people like Ray McGovern who are willing to do the hard work of speaking out in opposition to the Bush administrations moral and ethical shortcomings. Here he took his message to a place where it can do some good, perhaps a place where it needs to be, a house of worship. May George W. Bush be held accountable for these deleterious assaults on the common good.
LANCASTER COUNTY, PA - Ray McGovern has seen the inner workings of the intelligence world and believes the United States is in desperate need of rediscovering its morality.
The former CIA intelligence officer and Iraq War critic addressed the audience at Lancaster Church of the Brethren Sunday afternoon as the feature speaker at the Lancaster Interchurch Peace Witness Fall Forum.

His speech, "Prospects for a Moral U.S. Policy in the Middle East," focused on the ethical dilemmas facing the American public and lawmakers and ways to use faith to point the country's moral compass back in the right direction.

McGovern's group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, has spent the last three years lobbying the Bush administration to admit to what it calls the "lies" that led to the Iraq War.

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