Iraq War Illegality

I have been saying that the war in Iraq is illegal for years now. I was among those who sighted the illegality of the invasion before it was initiated in March of 2003.

Some people say that the illegality of the war needs to be tested and established in a court of law. There are even some who say that the war isn't illegal.

I have been contemplating heavily on this matter, because I do believe very deeply, and feel very deeply that the war is illegal. In fact, I know the war is illegal. [How do I know this? Because the war is in violation of several legally binding statutes (UN Charter, Geneva Conventions - among others).]

Here is the analogy that might be helpful. When traffic is flowing at 55 miles per hour on the freeway, and a vehicle going 80 or 90 miles per hour flies by, it is clear that the driver of that vehicle is breaking the law. The driver is operating the vehicle in a manner inconsistent with legal requirements, therefore, what he is doing is illegal. You don't need to haul the guy in to a court to tell him.

What George Bush has done in Iraq is similar. Only his vehicle is million times the mass of a single speeding vehicle, his trespass upon the law and common decency almost incomprehensibly more egregious than the error of a speeding driver. Both endanger lives, and waste resources. George W Bush and his team's misleadership deserve more than a traffic citation. Their crimes are heinous and deserve prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. The prosecution of his high crimes and misdemeanors will provide a foundation for the restoration of the reputation of the USA internationally.

We the people of the USA must put the breaks on this speeding runaway vehicle of the Bush war of aggression machine before it causes anymore unnessecary violence and/or death.

[edit] Perhaps a better analogy would be that of a bank robbery. It is obvious, when the bank robber exits the bank with the improperly acquired cash, that he has committed an illegal act. Similarly, the presence of (14) enduring military bases in Iraq and the privitization of the economy, testify to the improper intentions of the Bush administration.


  1. I can see where you're coming from... but I see it differently. I honestly think that Bush thought there were WMD's...everyone did. The problem then arose after he failed to produce any. How this was handled produced one of the biggest bi-partisan rifts in recent times. No one took one! The most recent polls here are saying that the average joe's confidence in incumbents is waining...specifically when it comes to the US Congress. Novemeber will tell...we can only hope!!

  2. check this out


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