Daylight Lessening

I am noticing a quickening in the daily reduction of sunlit hours. Anyone else? Personally, I am feeling more stressed, more tired and possibly even, just maybe, a little bit pugnacious.

Earlier today, while riding my bicycle, I was pulling up to a red light. Normally, when I pull up to a red light, I edge my bike further into the traffic lane (I usually stay to the right side of the lane while in motion) so that I am not crowded into stopping in the gutter. Today, the fellow behind me didn't like my traffic protocol. He yelled at me, and attempted to cut me off. He told me to get out of the middle of the lane. I was turning left at the next block. So I had to stay in the middle to left side of the lane, so as to change lanes to make a left turn. He followed me down the whole block, blaring his horn constantly the whole time, and tailgating within 10 or 15 feet. I wish there would have been a police officer present.

Here I was, behaving in a manner that was consistent with applicable legal statutes, and he didn't like it. I was really angry. But I didn't like how the anger made me feel. So I let those emotions run their course through my system. I thought about it. I began to feel sad. I began to feel pity for the poor fellow. His license plate indicated that he was handicapped (assuming it was his vehicle.) I thought about it. Perhaps some of his anger was misdirected resentment over his own personal handicap.

Or maybe he was just anti-social, his handicap being that he doesn't know how to get along with others. Either way, this poor fellow, who intended to give me a hard time is certainly deserving of some sadness and pity.

Pity on your poor soul. And pity on me for being receptive to such antagonism.

And the hours of daylight are rapidly diminishing. The Autumnal Solstice is only three or four days away. Life has a tendency of becoming compressed at this time of year - this year is no exception. Life is interesting and active. There is a lot to do. Not a bad thing. But it's important for me to remember to take time out for myself.

To reflect in contemplative searching of the world around me and my life in it. Beautiful fall colors in the trees and odors on the air. It is important to have time to be open to the wonderful world. (despite all the murder and mayhem)

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  1. True words. Back in my retail days I used to tell my employees not to worry when people treated them disrespectfully. "you don't know their situation and you don't know why they're're just the person happened to be on the receiving end...feel for them...pray for them" I get the same thing when I ride my motorcycle. Sometimes I think I'm invisible...


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