War Fraud

That's right. George W. Bush has done it. Committed war fraud. Next step, the house of corrrection.

The vigil and rally to support Watada's courageous stand and garner publicity prior to his article 32 (pre-trial) hearing was a really high energy event. To me, it felt like a success. I will see how much publicity comes from it. In a just world, news like Watada's would get main event type coverage. Unfortunately, domestic murder stories are ranking precedent in many mainstream USA media sources.

For my part, I had somewhat of a revival of my high school cheerleading activities. Maybe it is because Lt. Watada is 28 years old and I am 28 years old - that I feel some sort of camaraderie with him, although I haven't even met him. But I had a good time yelling and shouting slogans and cheers to the Fort Lewis types.

Some of my chants were as follows:

Bush sold the war on lies!
Put Bush in prison for war fraud!
Help us stop the war!
Support Lt. Watada!
Nobody wants to fight for a loser - Help stop the war! or, George Bush is a criminal!
War fraud is a punishable offense!
War Fraud! - (There's something I like about that term, it has a justified ring to it.)

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