Stop the Insanity!

Things are getting crazier and crazier in America. As support for President Bush, his administration and their war continue to dwindle, life in America becomes weirder and weirder! Tom Englehardt wrote:
"Only yesterday, according to the New York Times, Vice President Cheney "went so far as to suggest that the ouster of" Senator Joseph Lieberman by Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary in Connecticut, "might encourage ‘al Qaeda types.'""
We have a madman at the helm, who acts as if he controlled the land and people in dictatorship. A man who denounces terrorism while he terrorizes. A man who calls for the rule of law while simultaneously breaking it on multiple fronts (wiretaps, WMD fabrications, illegal occupation of a nation, signing statement blitz, etc.).

Frankly I have had enough. Let us strategize and organize for impeachment, conviction and ultimately the incarceration of those responsible for these imperial actions.

Check out more of Tom Engelhardt's plug for Mark LeVine's article on chaos strategy (as well as Mark LeVine's article on the Middle East Chaos Theory) here:

Here is an excerpt:

Recently, Craig Crawford wrote in a Congressional Quarterly column:

"The rest of the world might see the Middle East crisis as a cataclysmic event of potentially biblical proportions, but in his July 29 radio address the president echoed a persistent White House vision of hope rising from destruction. While taking care to note that the killing is ‘painful and tragic,' Bush sought to portray the tragedy as an opportunity for ‘broader change' that will lead to ‘peace,' ‘liberty,' ‘democracy' and a ‘more secure' America.
"You might think that it would take a truly self-delusional person to conjure up such a bright vision for this darkening corner of the world. But the president's rosy Mideast scenario is right in line with what has become a governing principle for him. Call it the Bush Chaos Theory. The president seems to think that the best way to get results is to blow things up and then see what happens. It is sort of like what curious kids do in their back yards until they learn that somebody could get hurt. Bush enjoys unsettling things, confident in the belief that an unseen hand will reach down, clean up the mess and make it all better. Create chaos, he apparently believes, and somehow an orderly world to his liking will emerge."

Mark LeVine, who has explored Bush administration chaos theory before at this site, takes up the spreading chaos in the Middle East and gives it his own special twist. Tom

101 Uses of Chaos

By Mark LeVine
Perhaps the greatest illusion of any strategists, leaders, or generals is that they are in control -- and perhaps the most hubristic version of this illusion is the belief that they can use chaos itself to further their control, to strengthen their situation. Our world today reminds us constantly that you ride that tiger at your peril.

Object lesson one: Iraq. While the world's attention and the headlines now focus on the Israel-Hezbollah war, recalcitrant, fracturing Iraq continues to spin out of the Bush administration's control. On August 3, Thom Shanker of the New York Times reported on a blunt warning from John B. Abizaid, commander of American forces in the Middle East, at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing: "[S]ectarian violence in Iraq, especially in the capital, Baghdad, ha[s] grown so severe that the nation could slide toward civil war."


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