Request for Feedback

I have recently changed the URL for this blog, from to I also changed the title, from "Bazz Fazz Flong Jompers" to "These are the Times."

I felt that the url, rightleft... was dualistic and too divisive. I changed the title because "Bazz Fazz..." was meant to be a temporary fix when I began moving away from the right v. left crap.

What do you think about the change?


  1. This seems to be an appropriate change. The change appears to be seamless. cool. I enjoy reading your reviews and cues to interesting/timely pieces.

  2. I posted a comment last night! I promise!

    I just said that your new title is a good descriptor of what you're doing here. Articles and photographs keep us abreast of both national and personal times that are yours.

    I dig. Nice work :)


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